Latest 365 Days Plan In JIO Prepaid Recharge

Jio, being one of the biggest Indian telecom companies has become a huge success with excellent network connectivity and feasibility. And with its numerous benefits offered to the users, the number of customers increases with a wide number. And such an intense increase in prepaid customers, the biggest credit goes to its customer services and excellent network coverage.

Apart from this, Reliance Jio offers great recharge plans that benefit the users priorly. Based on this, customers all across India choose Jio as their preferred network with tons of amazing plans. Speaking of plans, wouldn’t it be nice if you could recharge your jio sim once, and enjoy its benefits for a total of 365 days? It sure is interesting! That’s why, in this article, we’ll be discussing the latest 365 days plans offered by Reliance Jio for prepaid recharge. So, let’s get started!

365 days plans
Reliance Jio offers various plans with the validity of 365 days. These start with Rs. 399 upto Rs. 4,199. These are:

Jio Prepaid Plans



Rs. 899

Unlimited calling + 2GB/28 days of data

336 days

Rs. 1,559

Unlimited Onnet voice + 24GB data

336 days

Rs. 2,545

1.5GB/day of data

336 days

Rs. 2,879

2GB/day of data

365 Days

Rs. 3,119

Cricket Plans – With Disney and Hotstar Mobile Subscription

365 Days

Rs. 4,199

3GB/day of data

365 Days

Rs. 399

JioSaavn Pro Plans

365 Days

Jio Prepaid recharge plans and offers
One of the biggest reasons behind the success of Jio is its recharge plans and customer services. It comes with various benefits and plans, for your convenience and gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. And for its prepaid users, it has various plans with benefits that suit everyone.

On our Payrup platform, you can check all the plans and benefits offered by Jio, ranging from unlimited calling, texting and unlimited 3G/4G data plans to talk time and top-up recharge plans. And with our online payment facility, you can easily make the bill payments and the transaction will proceed with a confirmation message on your phone on completion. Along with this, you can apply many offers and promo codes to make your bill payment experience more enlightening. With Payrup, you get the chance to choose from a wide number of cashback and discounts. And with our 24*7 customer service, you can proceed with your jio prepaid recharge payment anytime and from anywhere.

Why choose Payrup for paying your Jio prepaid recharge?
Payrup does not charge any extra hidden amount in the transaction amount. With Payrup, you only pay for the recharge amount. It enables smooth and instant Jio bill payment online without any hassle. And it also, gives you great deals and offers. It also saves time and facilitates quick transactions.

Some of the notable services that Payrup offers on the Jio postpaid bill payment are:

No hidden charges
An instant and easy way for paying the bill
Great benefits and cashback offers
Absolutely safe and secured transaction
Payrup is an emerging company but with its amazing services and offers, it’s one of the best choices for you to pay for a Jio prepaid recharge online.

In conclusion, we can say that, with digitalization all across the world, jio recharge plans are becoming more fascinating and paying for these has become very easy and convenient. Nowadays, customers do not have to wait in a queue and wait for their turn to pay the bill because they can easily pay the bill from their phone or laptop online. And our Payrup platform facilitates this service of paying bills and showing you the different recharge plans that you can select from. Payrup provides flexible jio recharge options along with several cashback offers and discounts. Its 24*7 customer service provides you with the convenience to pay your jio recharge anytime and from anywhere. Paying and viewing the plans for your jio recharge is very easy and requires just a few steps to proceed.

Different Plans Available For DTH TV At Payrup

India is widely known as the largest DTH market all across the world, with the maximum number of subscribers. Direct-to-Home (DTH) receives signals transmitted from direct-broadcast satellites and provide television connections to the users. The first-ever DTH service came around in October 2003 by Dish TV. DTH television is truly incredible with its easy setup, interactive services and competitive offerings. Today, a huge number of households prefer DTH television services. Along with this, they offer the set-up box for the installation process. And with this, the bill payment for your DTH service is very important. There are numerous platforms available that provide you with the bill payment service and some very amazing promo codes as well. Among these platforms, one of the finest is Payrup which helps you pay your DTH bill payment in a very safe and secured manner. Here, at Payrup, there are mainly five DTH operators available such as Airtel Digital TV, d2h, Dish TV, SUN TV, and TATA PLAY.

In this article, we will be talking about different plans available for DTH TV at Payrup. So, let’s get started!

Gold Mutual Funds vs. Gold ETFs: Where do investors invest?

It is a well-known fact that Indians are one of the world’s largest consumers of gold. Gold is regarded as a solid investment.

However, with the passage of time, people have adopted a more modern outlook to investing in gold. Gold is a safe investment choice and investors can invest in either a gold mutual fund or a gold exchange traded fund.

Investment in Gold ETFs

Physical gold investment is one of the option for gold investments. A gold ETF is a kind of exchange traded fund used as an option to replace physical gold. Gold ETFs are funds that invest in physical gold and gold related instruments and depend on gold prices. Gold ETFs invest in gold bullion, which is the same as holding the gold. They are ideal for investors looking to use gold as an investment option rather than for personal use. As compared to physical gold investments, ETFs have lower expenses on account of their unique structure and creation process.

Gold ETFs in India ensures that your portfolio is well-balanced; as gold prices fall or rise, you can modify your asset allocation plan based on the gold ETF’s performance to minimise the risk and potential gains. Investment in Gold Funds

Gold mutual funds are basically fund of funds scheme that invest in gold exchange-traded funds. Their underlying scheme invest in gold bullion and rely on investments directly linked to gold prices. Gold mutual fund performance is based on the returns of Gold ETFs in which it invests.

Gold MFs vs. Gold ETFs

Minimum Amount: One can invest a minimum of INR 500 as a monthly SIP while investing in Gold Funds whereas generally one needs to invest a minimum of 1-gram gold in a Gold ETF depending on respective Scheme features.

Investment Mode: Gold funds are available in SIPs but this is not so for Gold ETFs. Gold Mutual Fundsmay be purchased from mutual funds and do not require a demat account; however, Gold ETFs are traded on the exchanges and need a demat account.
Transaction Cost: Gold Mutual Fund is a Fund of Fund scheme hence investors bear the recurring expenses of the scheme in addition to the expenses of Gold ETF scheme in which Gold Mutual Fund scheme makes investment.
Liquidity: Units of Gold ETF can be bought and sold at any time during the market hours.
Taxation: Both gold fund’s taxation or gold exchange-traded fund’s taxation implications should be looked into while deciding to invest. Gold Funds or Gold ETFs attract long-term capital gains tax rate of 20% plus a 4% cess. However short-term investors (those with a holding period of less than 36 months) would not be directly taxed on their profits. Instead, those earnings would be clubbed with other earnings, and taxes levied according to the relevant slabs.
Both Gold ETF and Gold funds are good investment options. However, before investing, one needs to check the performance of the ETF and gold funds. One should also check the expenses and gold fund taxation implications on sale of the investments.

Picking the Right Brand Consultancy Service for Your Business

Whether your business is a startup or a full-fledged enterprise, brand design is of utmost importance. At the very beginning you may feel that providing quality services and products is all that matters and that’s the reason most people don’t put in much thought when picking a name. However, as your business grows and prospers – that is, when it enters the wider markets; the brand name plays a really crucial role.

Therefore, whether you’re planning on starting a new business or you just want to rebrand an existing one, there is a lot that you need to consider as the world of brand consultancy is really complicated. Picking the right name could take lots of time and efforts; however there are plenty of brand consultancy services available that would help you pick the right brand name.

Of course the name is really important, but that’s not all that brand consultancy services focus on. Instead, they look into all the aspects that would affect your overall business such as your brand message and tag lines. Your tag line should represent the services you offer and at the same time they would need to be catchy.

These days each and every business needs and online presence and therefore the setting up of a business or blog is really important as well. Hence, branding agencies help you pick the right domain name that doesn’t just represent your business but also helps you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so as to rank your website higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

Of course you could do all this yourself, but a minor mistake today would be visible only after months or years and they would be really hard to correct down the line. Therefore, from the very beginning hire experts to do the job for you. But, when choosing a service, make sure to pick the right ones.

Factors to consider when picking a brand consultancy service:

The overall size of your business – Depending on the size of your business and future projections you would need to decide whom to pick. If you’re only focusing on the local market, brand name may not be vital. But, if you want to enter the global market – this is all that matters.
Your budget – Make sure to pick a service within your budget, it’s not wise to spend a huge chunk of your cash on these services.
Whether or not the consultancy service has a good reputation – Do a bit of research and read reviews written by others. Also check out the brand names and taglines that the service has come up with.